About us

3D NEPA is a small 3D print farm located in North Eastern Pennsylvania. We have a wide variety of machines tailored to different materials, strength, and detail levels and are able to do quick turnaround times. When prototyping or creating something unique, the worst thing to do is have to wait weeks to get your creation in your hands. So skip the wait and get a quote now!

ABS Print

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is actually a pretty simple concept. Imagine a hot glue gun that takes plastic line instead of glue, and precisely squeezes it out in certain spots. It starts with a thin layer on the bottom, making the outside shape and filling it in, then moves up a little and does another layer on top. Repeat that a bunch of times moving up little by little and eventually you get your 3D object. It's as if you stacked a bunch of drawings on top of each other until you have a three-dimensional object made of plastic.

PLA Print

Why 3D printing? What's the benefit?

3D printing is great for a few reasons. Mass production of objects is very cheap using traditional manufacturing procedures like injection molding, but it's extremely expensive to set up and you can't make design changes on the fly. With 3D printing you can make one-offs and small batches of products at a fraction of the price of a mass production run. With 3D printing there are also less rules than with standard production methods. We can actually make objects that would be extremely hard or impossible to make with other manufacturing techniques thanks to creating the object layer by layer. So whether it be a custom gift, a prototype for a product you're creating, or a small batch of parts for your project, 3D printing is the way to go.

How do I get a quote? What if I don't have a design? What if I don't know what material to choose?

Getting a quote is easy. Simply fill out the form on the Request Quote page. At that point we will email you back and custom tailor your print to suit your needs. Even if you're completely lost, we will help you figure every last detail out!

If you don't have a design, that's fine! You can check out online repositories like Youmagine, Thingiverse, or even search a whole database of repositories on Yeggi. Still can't find what you're looking for? We still may be able to help! Just use the quote form and we will discuss your design needs.

As for materials, it's pretty simple actually. We offer 4 different materials: PLA, PETG, ABS, and Resin.

If your object is going to be used for something mechanical, choose PETG or ABS for the best results. If it needs to be extremely rigid or will be used for decoration, use PLA. If small details and small parts are what you're after, Resin is your best bet. If you don't know what to use, we can help you choose the right plastic for your project!

What kind of picture should I choose for my custom Lithophane? What can I expect it to look like?

Great question with a simple answer: just about any picture! Some do work better than others though. The main thing to take into consideration is the contract of your subject and the background. For example, a black T-shirt in front of a black background won't stick out as much as a black T-shirt in front of a white background. For most pictures though this isn't a problem as there's enough difference between the subject and the background. If you need help, just email us at with your picture and we will tell you if it will work or not.

We tailor our lithophanes to be very high quality so that the small details in your pictures come out in the finished product. This process takes a lot of time, the large lithophanes take nearly 24 hours each, but they result in a one-of-a-kind unique item! As with all 3D printing layer lines may be visible, but because of our quality settings they're very small and generally not noticeable. If you want to see some examples, email us and we will help you out!

Frequently asked questions about 3D NEPA's custom 3D printing service.